Friday, June 1, 2007

G-Pen 560

How I made my Genius G-560 tablet working in Debian Linux 4.0 .

1) Downloaded wizardpen driver

2) Unpacked to home directory.
3) In the make file Adjusted the directory for the directory where drivers lie.
4) Did as it is written in INSTALL and README.
5) with cat and hexdump utilites I have found the proper /dev/input/event device for the tablet ;-)
6) Modified the file for:

Section "InputDevice"
Identifier "Tablet"
Driver "wizardpen"
Option "Device" "/dev/input/event1" # adjust for yours device for the tablet
Option "MaxX" "11939"
Option "MaxY" "8939"
Option "MaxZ" "1023"
Option "TopZ" "32"
Option "BottomY" "8650"

Section "ServerLayout"
Identifier "Default Layout"
Screen "Default Screen" 0 0
InputDevice "Generic Keyboard"
InputDevice "Configured Mouse" "CorePointer"
InputDevice "Tablet" "AlwaysCore"

7) Restarted the server.


David Richfield said...

I bought one of these today, and I can't get it working smoothly. The driver you mention only seems to get me a strange, jerky behaviour also mentioned by other users (sort of etch-a-sketch vertical and horizontal steps at slow speed) and no pressure sensitivity. How happy are you with the performance you're getting?

David Richfield said...

Ah, I figured it out. I am now successfully using the aiptek kernel driver with this patch:
which will apparently be integrated into kernel 2.6.26, and also using the wizardpen driver (more details at ). Gimp and inkscape both play nicely with this setup, and pressure sensitivity works.